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Hello February 10, 2009

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and welcome to my first blog. I first started cross stitching around 1990 when I was introduced to it by a work colleague. I remember my first attempt was a scene from Bambi and once I got started I just coudln’t put it down. I was staying up all hours workng on it – “I’ll just finish this thread” “there’s only a few more stitches left in this colour” etc – you know what I mean. After many many years of not stitching I suddenly decided to start stitching again . I knew roughly what sort or design I wanted and after a few phonecalls with my sister, mollycaff, who kindly sent me a load of things to get restarted – thanks Sand – I decided upon Misaki – Oreintal Lady by Maia, probably a little ambitious but with me it is all or nothing!

As the whole chart is stitched I decided to start at the top left hand corner but I am having difficulty getting into this mostly because the fabric is red and the threads I am working with at the moment are different shades or red and I need good light to stitch – my eyesight is not what it used to be – something that comes with old age or so they say. Also some of the stitching is done using 3 strands of thread so is not looking as neat as I would like but I think once I have done a little more it will become easier. The fabric size is also larger that I am used to but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

This is going to be my main project but I am also working on a design called Winter Dog which is on cream 14 count aida which is far easier. I had bought this kit a few years ago with the intention of starting to stitch again but for some reason it got put aside. I find this much easier to work on and it’s coming along quite nicely, perhaps staying up until 2am might have something to do with it – do you think I have got the bug again ?!?! I will post a pic soon. Little did I know when I bought the kit that I would find myself with two real husky dogs.

It’s a lovely sunny day here and I have rambled on for long enough so I am going to take advantage of the light and do some stitching.

For some reason I cannot get any pics into my blog so I will try again tomorrow. Bye for now……happy stitching.



1. mollycaff - February 21, 2009

Come on, get the pics up!!

2. claire93 - March 8, 2009

have popped over for a visit from Sandra’s blog and will join in with your sis and say “come on, show us some pics” ^^

totallythreadup - March 8, 2009

Hi and thanks for dropping by 🙂 I have taken the pics and will get them on here very soon – I promise! I have been sidetracked this weekend but I will post a new blog on that so watch this space!.

3. Julie - March 8, 2009

Just hopped over from Sandra’s, welcome to blogland!

4. jane - March 9, 2009

just followed the link from Sandra’s blog – your projects sound great, will drop by again to see the pics

5. Mylene - March 9, 2009

Welcome to blogland!!!

6. Wendy - March 24, 2009

Welcome to blogworld! I will come back to visit your blog again!

Wendy from Belgium (HAED SAL)

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