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Pics of my work so far March 10, 2009

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I thought it was about time that I actually put something in a blog so this will probably go on…and on…and on….so be warned. Here are a few pictures of my WIPs since I started stitching again. I have included the first pic I took and also the latest so you can see the progress I have made. Take a look at my WIP page to see how the finished project should look.

Winter Dog


Misaki – Oriental Lady Red



I have also started to grid my HAED fabric and hope to start stitching this on Thursday but the gridding seems to be taking forever.

Things have been a bit slow on the stitching front as I decided to start a blog and join a few forums and have not got a clue what I am doing. Also, of course, spending hours and hours on the internet looking for goodies to buy – and I have bought quite I few – even the post woman commented to me today that I was having a lot of deliveries!

I moved house twice in quite a short time and as I was limited for space gave a lot of my stitching/lace making/knitting things away but I knew I had kept my threads and a few other bits and pieces so after a bit of persuasion my partner Ian went into the attic and tried to find my stash. All I remembered was that it was in a multi-coloured crate and contained a large blue folder – not a lot to go on. After moving quite a few very heavy boxes and banging his head on a beam there was no sign of the box L Then I remembered I had kept the box plus my other “hobby” bits and bobs somewhere in the attic where I could get at them easily – he wasn’t amused when I suddenly said “oh look – here they are!”. Anyway, I found two Loran wallets full of DMC threads which at the time I was collecting would have been a full set of threads. I have checked these against the latest thread chart and I was missing 113 colours but 93 of these were new colours so I was well pleased. I also found a few organisers boxes containing over a 100 threaded bobbins and a few of my completed works and some UFO’s. Most of these had the charts and threads with them so would be easy to pick up again if I wanted. A few did not have charts and when Sandra looked as the things I had given her when I moved she had kept everything!

Sorting and organising everything the way I want it has taken quite a lot of time but at least now I and can actually start stitching again. I hope to finish the Winter Dog soon and have already got a few things lined up as a replacement but can’t decide what to do. I want to do them all but am going to limit them to three projects, the main one being HAED which I am stitching on a Thursday with Our Friends’ HAED SAL, the second being Misaki – Oriental Lady Red which I want to hang in my lounge plus a third which will be “an easy” project.

Okay – one – two – three …WIDE AWAKE!



1. claire93 - March 19, 2009

Great to see your blog taking shape with some photos! Wonderful choice of designs – I can’t decide whether I prefer Winter dogs or your Japanese lady – they’re both lovely! Looking forward to seeing regular progress!
And glad to learn that I’m not the only stitcher who stores supplies in a “safe” place and then can’t remember WHERE ^^

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