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Little Miss Muffet March 26, 2009

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I haven’t done a lot of stitching this week as we had a long weekend away with our two dogs at Litte Dumpledale Farm where we stayed in Wyn’s Cottage. This is the second time we have stayed there and we love it as it is a true “dog friendly” place to go and Carol and Trevor are great people. Here’s a pic of my dogs chilling in the garden (not very good quality which is a shame as it is a good pic – perhaps it won’t look too bad when it’s printed).



It was my birthday on the Sunday and also Mother’s Day and my parents (plus Honey the dog) and my sister Sandra came down for the day. (Phill was busy making her craftroom – take a look at her blog). The weather was really lovely and it was nice to just sit outside and catch up as I don’t get to see them very often. Sandra brought a few of her WIPs with her and I can honestly say that pictures do not do them justice they are really lovely. I didn’t realise that New World was quite as big as it was and having only ever stitched on Aida it was nice to see some of the fabrics she is using. I’ve now know where Polstitches is so come on Sand let’s go spend!

I had a lovely surprise from Sandra which was the tuffet she had been making. I really like the colours and she told me that the buttons she used were from our grandmother’s button box so it makes it extra special.


She gave me another bag of goodies for my stash which will come in useful. I also got to see the prize she won from Mylene which was beautiful.

I am not working today and it’s Thursday, my HAED SAL day – only another 99,800 stitches to go so I’m going to be busy! I will post some pics soon.



1. claire93 - March 26, 2009

Belated birthday wishes for Sunday ^^ and what lovely dogs you have! Now I know why you’re stitching the Winter Dog design.
“Bon courage” as they say in this part of the world with your 99,800 stitches to go LOL . . . that’s going to be a project that will no doubt see you well into 2010 and possibly your next birthday ^^

2. Mylene - March 26, 2009

What beautiful dogs you have. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Belated Happy Birthday! Did admire your gift from Sandra earlier, she finish it perfectly.

3. mollycaff - March 27, 2009

The first pic was one where I zoomed right in and then cropped the pic to try and get even closer, but it lost a lot of the quality. Shame, because it is a really good one!

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