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Another new start April 30, 2009

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I am definitely abandoning Oriental Lady Red and have just ordered some red 28 count evenweave which should be here tomorrow so I will start this project again. Using evenweave should make stitching the fractionals a lot easier. I like the design and don’t want to ditch it totally so I’ll see how I feel about it with the new fabric.

I’m waiting to start on Ink Circles Cirque des Triangles but haven’t bought the fabric or threads yet so this is on my list of “to do’s” so I’ve made a start on something Sandra sent me called Doorstep Vigil. I’ve no idea what this is going to look like as the only picture I have is black and white and it looks like a photograph which has been made into a chart. The reason I want to do this one is because it looks exactly like my two cats – this missing “Queen Lily” and her brother Alfie. I think I should have started this in the centre as there is a lot of border to the picures and I may find I do hours and hours or work and then not like the cats! Oh well it will keep me busy and out of mischief 🙂

Here is what it should look like and what I’ve done so far.





1. claire93 - May 1, 2009

looks like another big project you’ve just started – the b&w picture looks very promising and it’ll be a surprise to see how it turns out in colour

2. Mylene - May 1, 2009

Wow! You have stitched lots already.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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