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Computers June 4, 2009

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I wrote in my last blog that I was going to “treat “ myself to a new computer…and I did!!. After looking online to see what was available in the “one” electrical shop (Curry’s) in my area off I went only to find that their range was virtually nil . When I pointed out to the assistant their poor range and that I had seen a few online she said “wait there a moment”. Next thing I knew another assistant was logged onto their website, found the computers I was interested in buying and after comparing a few I picked the one I wanted and they actually had one in stock that I could take away that day. Yippee. Feeling very pleased I then decided to “treat” myself to something else and bought a printer/scanner/copier – just the thing to make working copies of my charts 😉 I didn’t actually get around to setting everything up until last weekend as I decided to have a good clear out first (cupboards, wardrobes, drawers etc) and got rid loads of things that were just taking up space. Then the problems started – this machine is Vista which I had never used before so couldn’t find anything at first but I got it set up and was itching to get online. Being in the dark ages here I currently have a plug in modem with cables running everywhere. When I use the laptop in the lounge the wires have to trail across the lounge and the power pack trail from a different direction so I though another “treat” was due and I would get a wireless router. Sunday off I go again back to the same shop but they had nothing in stock. With 10 minutes before closing I managed to get into Argos and found what I wanted only to find out at the till that their description in the catalogue was incorrect and instead of buying a modem router the product description was for a cable router – absolutely no good at all. Another look through their catalogue ended up with me buying their “cable” router which was in fact the modem router I wanted. Confused? The shop assistant certainly was. She called the Manager and after a few minutes the penny dropped and he confirmed that their catalogue was wrong after all and that I was right. Phew, the main thing was that I had what I wanted. It was such a lovely day we took a stroll on the sea front and had an ice cream then decided to call into the Chinese takeway and had a “picnic” on the beach which was lovely. On the way to the beach a camper van almost collided with us – he knock my wing mirror and luckily no damage was done to my car but his mirror was scattered in bits down the road – he was none too happy but maybe this will make him drive more carefully on narrow country roads. Had he slowed down and pulled over slightly it wouldn’t have happened. We have a lot of holiday makers where we live and some can tend to think they own the whole road and anything else that takes their fancy.

Back to computers – setting up the router – straight forward enough? NO! I won’t bore you with the details but will end by telling you that I now have a lovely new FAST computer with everything I want set up and installed plus I a wireless connection on my laptop so no more wires 🙂 Now I have no excuse not to blog. I have loads of pics to show although I’ve not done very much stitching lately so I’ll try and get my act together in the next few days.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather. Now how do I save this document and where is the spell check Aghhhhhh



1. claire93 - June 4, 2009

wow Sheila ! you’re a braver woman than I am, sorting out new computer and router all by yourself !!! I wouldn’t have had a clue – but then that’s why I have my other half and two strapping sons LOL . . . each time I have a problem, I just yell and leave it to the experts.
Looking forward to seeing more regular articles on your blog, since you’ll be looking for a good excuse to try out your new FAST connection ^^ and, of course, lots of photos when you find time for some stitching.

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