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Blame the weather June 17, 2009

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The weather has been so lovely lately that I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors and generally mooching around and I‘ve done hardly any stitching. We’ve not really got a garden as such just a paved yard but I have what I call my “chill out “ room which leads onto a roof garden which has a really lovely view of the open fields and hills. We get full sun for most of the day but I can never sit in the sun for very long – I need to be doing something. I have finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyers and at the weekend managed to buy the second and third book of the saga and the Library called me yesterday to say that book four, Breaking Dawn had arrived so I now have the full set to read over the next few weeks.

I usually take the dogs for long walks during the day but it‘s been far too hot for them as they have a double coat. We are lucky enough to have a field which is around 2 acres and totally secure so we tend to take them there in the evenings to have a good run. A local farmer cut it for us recently but it’s growing like mad again. Ian decided a while ago that he wanted to grow some vegetables so he has pots and containers everywhere and everything he has planted is growing like crazy I think he has naturally green fingers. The back of our house looks onto open land which is owned by a neighbour and she suggested we use part of the land to grow some vegetables so we’ve been busy setting up our little plot. I went to a few of the garden centres around here on Monday and bought loads of plants to put in my tubs and window boxes and then decided to clear a rough area at the side of the house which I’ve planted and it has really brightened the place up.

As for stitching – virtually nothing 😦 Clare commented on one of my posts about my “Cat” projects and I am ashamed to say I’ve done nothing on them even though I am part of the HAED SAL on Thursdays. I did pick up Queen Lily to start page 2 then discovered I had only actually stitched half of page 1. I’d made an A3 working copy of the page but must have halved that page and enlarged it again (my eyesight really is terrible) so I‘ve not done as well as I had thought. But here is what I’ve actually done since my last post on Cirque des Triangles


I’ve restarted Oriental Lady Red, this time using 28 count evenweave and am stitching over 2 as there are so many fractionals. I’ve also decided to use just two strands for the entire project rather than 3 and 2. I think it will look okay this way and will certainly be easier to stitch.

Lady Red

Last week I decided to make a start on the designs of Marie Therese Saint Aubin from her book Chats au point de croix. I have decided to stitch all of the designs and make them into a book of my own. So far I have stitched what will be the front cover (yes the title should look slightly crooked and the cat is actually limping away 😉 For this I used 28 count linen and hand-dyedfibers silk FD Elegance and used the colour Slate for the mice

Chats cover

and also one of the designs called Chat roux attendant.

Chat roux attendant

This was stitched on 28 count linen over two using Candy Floss cotten #21 just to see how it looked but I think most the the designs I will stitch over 1.

Today it is pouring down with rain which has given me the opportunity to do this post. As it will be a miserable evening I am going to sit down and watch The Da Vinci Code which I’ve had on DVD for ages and tomorrow evening am going to the cinema to see the sequel Angels and Demons and maybe have a Chinese takeway on the way home.



1. claire93 - June 18, 2009

What a wonderful idea to make your own stitched BOOK with M-T Saint Aubin’s cat designs !!! I love what you’ve done so far – they are so effective.
Well done on your other progesss . . . and don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’ll be stitching less over the summer. I think we all need to make the most of the nice weather while we can.

2. mollycaff - June 18, 2009

Your cats are looking great, I really must get around to buying that book myself. What is Ian growing? You two are turning into Tom and Barbra from the Good Life LOL

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