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These things happen June 29, 2009

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Yet another really busy week where I’ve done very little stitching. Apart from working for a few hours every day last week we have been spending the evenings making the most of the warm weather and building our little vegetable plot with Ian doing the hard work and me “supervising” 🙂 We finished this at the weekend and have a good selection of vegetables planted which we are hoping will all grow and we get something to eat from it.

I received a ticking off from Sandra for not blogging more often now I’ve got my new computer so Saturday morning I got out my camera to take a few pics of my progress. I’ve mostly been working on Cirque des Triangles and this is really coming along nicely and I’ve just started Page 2. Here’s an update and a close up pic giving a better look at the colours.



When I laid out the fabric to take the pic I took a quick look at the chart to see how many more triangles I had to do to complete the page and found there was just one more – so good news. Then …..frown….hmmm this doesn’t look quite right. I was immediately on the phone to Sandra – “guess what” I said to her. “Oh no” was her reply you’ve missed a stitch. Try again I say – “oh no” says she – you’re triangle is in the wrong place. Try again. There was silence as she guessed what I had done. STARTED MY FABRIC THE WRONG WAY AROUND!!!!!!! I laughed – or was I just hysterical 🙂 Load of people have done that she said trying to make me feel better. So…..EVERYTHING has to be unpicked and I’ve just learned a hard lesson but… even though Sandra offered to unpick it for me I’ve decided to do this myself and start again. It could have been much much worse. Having ordered more thread today from Polstitches Jo told me a few stories which had me cringing, one in particular when someone had spend 18 months stitching and finished a project and then somehow managed to tear the fabric! Then she started the project again – well done that woman – I would have flung it as far as I could!

Back to actual stitching – I’ve done a little on my HAED Cat with Our Friends HAED SAL and even though it doesn’t look a lot it is progress 🙂


From now on I will be blogging on my “unpicking” . I know this is not really that funny and I still don’t know how I managed to make such a stupid mistake – I am Welsh btw 😉 but I hope it gave you a bit of a laugh. Happy stitching !



1. claire93 - June 29, 2009

OH NO !!!!!!!! you mean you’ve got to unpick it ALL ??? I don’t know if I’d have the strength . . . would probably just start afresh on a “virgin” piece of fabric and then use what’s unstitched of the first piece for a smaller design. Rest assured, being Welsh has absolutely nothing to do with it lol and we’ve all had our disasters.
Look forward to you blogging a bit more often! I DO stop by quite often, always ready to see an update . . . so listen to Sandra and give us gals more photos and stitching tales to read PLEASE ^^

2. Rachael - June 29, 2009

Oh no What a shme all that hard work

3. mollycaff - June 30, 2009

The only good thing to come out of this is that you will NEVER do that again! From now on you’ll be so paranoid you’ll be measuring and measuring again, and again, and then once more just for good measure! What you did stitch looked great though 😉

4. Carolyn NC - September 5, 2009

Ouch – groan of pain for you. Well, at least it wasn’t 18 months worth of stitching gone. So sorry for all the frogging.

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