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Does this count as a finish?! July 2, 2009

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I was determined to unpick my CDT as quickly as possible as I know that if I didn’t it could end up tucked away never to be seen again. I did a little unpicking on Sunday and am pleased to say that I now have a blank piece of fabric even though I sat up until 1.30 am to finish it. It was quite satisfying to unpick the last stitch but I think when I eventually get around to finishing it I will be doing a very very “HAPPY DANCE”. The additional threads have arrived and as they may be a slightly different dye I have mixed all the threads together so it shouldn’t show any definite change in colours. Here is a pic


I’ve done a triple check on my measurements and yes – it does fit when the fabric is the right way around – so I will put a few stitches in today just to start if off. I should really be working on one of my HAED projects as Thursday is our SAL day so I hope to pick up Queen Lily and start a new page. I’m also stitching on Midnight Garden so may have a few new pics soon.

As a reward for completing my unpicking so quickly I did a little retail therapy on Tuesday and bought myself a “few new clothes” 🙂 I have to be in the right frame of mind to go shopping for clothes as there is very little choice in the town but I had a lovely day out and it cheered me up a lot. Maybe I should make a few more mistakes NO NO NO!!!!



1. claire93 - July 2, 2009

I’d say that even unpicking counts as progress, yes ^^
Well done – glad to know you’ll be back on track with CdesT very soon.
And always a good idea to do some retail therapy whether you need cheering up or not lol although summer clothes depress me as it always means some “hair today, gone tomorrow” sessions before I dare to show my legs to the world . . . and even then everyone has to wear sunglasses so as not to be blinded by my wintery whiteness ^^

2. Rachael - July 6, 2009

I should say it does all that unpicking, you deserved to treat yourself

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