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Cirque des Triangles July 9, 2009

Posted by totallythreadup in Uncategorized.

In my last stitching post I said that I was going to restart CDT, do a little on Midnight Garden and also pick up Queen Lily and quess what…not a stitch was done lol, typical me but not my fault – honest 😉 I did manage to sit down on Sunday evening and pick up Midnight Garden but not a lot to show so will save the pic for next time. Monday I restarted CdT and after stitching the first few triangles I decided to approach it from a different angle so rather than “fill in” the triangle I’ve carried on and completed the outlines for pages 1,2 and 3. It just looks I’ve I’ve done a lot more this way and at least I know it fits lol. Here is how it looks


I’m going to put CdT to one side and for the next week or so concentrate on Queen Lily. When I first started this I couldn’t put it down and it grew really quickly. Lily will have been missing a year on the 9 October and I would like to have this finished by then.

I should really work on my other HAED Cats but am struggling with the 25 count fabric. Sandra has sent me a sample of her 40 count fabric so I can try this out and see if it makes the stitching easier for me. The original size of the finished work using 25 count is approx 9″ x 18″ and on 40 count will be 11″ by 22″ so not a massive difference but I will probably have to use a full stitch rather than the half stitch I am using on the 25ct.

I seem to be restarting and unpicking more than I’ve stitched. The weather here is quite dismal at the moment but at least it means I’m staying inside and getting some stitching done. Next week Ian has a week off work so I’ll probably be on a stitching stop again.

Hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing your progress on your blogs.



1. claire93 - July 9, 2009

we all have days (and even weeks) when not much gets stitched so just be pleased with yourself for re-starting CdesT and knowing that you’re stitching the right way round this time ^^

2. jane - July 10, 2009

Good luck with you CdesT – I have found it does seem to progress much quicker if you stitch some of the outlines first and then fill them in.

3. Sandra - July 10, 2009

I started my Cirques by filling in each triangle as I went along, but soon moved on to the way you’re doing it now, I found it stitched up quicker that way. You’ve made a good start.

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