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A new start!! September 20, 2009

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…which I hope will not turn out to be another ” re-start” 🙂

I had a lovely week away with Ian and the hounds and we were lucky to have good weather and managed to “chill out” which Ian really needed to do as he gets up really early and needed to rest up and relax. My parents came to visit for the day and my Mum and their dog stayed over and we took her back to Swansea and spent some time there. Unfortunately the only day of rain! I can’t resist showing this pic of the three dogs waiting hopefully for my mum to give them something – it’s amazing how well behaved they can be if they want something!

3 dogs

Back to stitching – I took three projects away with me but only managed to stitch on my Queen Lily. This is how it looked last week but since then I’ve done loads but you will have to wait until I’ve finished the page before I post the pic.


On Monday myself and Sandra went to Polstitches and I bought the fabric for my HAED Cats which I’m starting again in the New Year. I’ve chosen white 28 count cashel linen which is the same fabric I’m using for by CDT and it’s absolutely lovely to stitch on. I also bought Cirque des Circles – just because it was there:) I was going to pick some threads in readiness for Ink Circles The Bramble and the Rose but Jo has so much choice I couldn’t make up my mind so I’ll save that for another visit.

On our first visit to Polstitches with Sandra we bought a Polstitches design called Celtic Welcome which we decided to do as a SAL so I bought the fabric and we decided to start this on Wednesday. This is going to be quite fun as I am starting with the red dragaon and Sandra is doing the white dragaon. She has started from the top down and I have started from the centre upwards and she will be stitching the word “Welcome” and I am stitching the Welsh version “Croeso” so it will be interesting to see the two versions reach the same finish.

This is the chart


Sandra must stitch the way she types – FAST – so I will have to make sure I keep up. I was hoping she would post her pic first but she is probably way ahead of me already. I think I will have to have a word with Mia and get her to slow her down if she overtakes me too much !!!!! This is my progress for Wednesday, I promise to to better next week!


Last night I picked up my Midnight Garden and that’s exactly whre I am going now – the weather is too nice to sit indoors so I am going to sit outside and stitch.

Just one last thing …I couldn’t resist spending my HAED gift voucher on this – yep another cat!



1. claire93 - September 20, 2009

great photo of the dogs ^^ did they get anything after sitting so patiently? LOL.
And well done on stitching updates . . . am going to nip over to Sandra’s blog and see if she’s posted her progress on dragons!

2. Sandra - September 21, 2009

Nice pics of the dogs, Honey looks tiny next to your two! Looks like you’ve done a bit more than me on Celtic Welcome, the reds look great! I’ve just put up a pic but the colours don’t show very well.

3. Wendy - September 25, 2009

That is a nice picture of the dogs. We had a husky too, but he died 3 years ago. He was about to become 15 years old.

Great progress on your HAED. Can’t wait to see this one grow.

Wendy (HAED SAL)

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