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Cedric October 2, 2009

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Not a lot of progress on Cedric but now I’ve started to use a few more colours I think he’s looking fab but if I were you I’d place your bets on Gwyn!!! The backstitching has made such a difference. I’m rubbish at back stitching and think I’ll have to get some tips to make sure I do Cedric justice. Here’s how he looks after Wednesdays SAL with Sandra – who by the way is having a great giveway – go check it out.


I also set myself a target with Queen Lily and have now completed about a third of the chart. Here she is


Next week it will be a year since the original Lily went missing and today I managed to get a pic of her brother Alf sitting next to one of my ornaments ….if only I could have had him wash his face – that would have made a brilliant pic. Hope you like him




1. claire93 - October 2, 2009

great photos, Sheila !!
Alf looks gorgeous, despite a dirty nose and your Queen Lily project is coming along in leaps & bounds. As for Cedric . . . have to laugh at you calling your dragon that (as it’s my other half’s name LOL) . . . he’s looking very colourful and my money is on BOTH dragons in the race ^^

2. claire93 - November 5, 2009

what h

3. claire93 - November 5, 2009

(was about to say)
what have you been up to over the last month? no stitching updates to show off?
(when wordpress so rudely published an unfinished comment ^^)

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