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What do you see… April 4, 2011

Posted by totallythreadup in Uncategorized.

I had forgotten about this little HD if you can call it that. At the start if the year I decided I was going to stitch some smaller designs as I have had some large projects on the go since I’d started stitching again. Before I discovered my PS snowy night ornaments I bought a few designs from Flossbox Flossbox– they weren’t very expensive and they were available by download so I chose about half a dozen of them. There are a lot if freebies available and worth a browse. I was chatting to Sandra Sandra and telling her about my new projects and asked her to take a look at the first chart I was going to stitch – a reindeer on a skateboard. She sounded rather puzzled when she replied – it looks like a dragon to me? No I said – it’s a reindeer and his scarf is blowing in the wind and he’s on skateboard!


Ever felt a right wally?!?!?!?! I have a giggle every time I look at it lol

I only managed a few hours stitching on Masquerade (week 6) last night and as I was stitching I noticed I was well into the second skein of the onyx thread. I had bought the chart and fabric as a kit and two skeins should been sufficient to complete the project. Panic started to kick in as I knew I was definitely going to run out of thread so I checked the chart and realised the fabric used was 40 count and I am stitching on 28 count. I’ve ordered another two skeins and just hope I have sufficient of the other colours to do my Happy Dance. Here is last night’s progress.


No progress to show on my new start as I still haven’t managed to get any other stitching done…..maybe tomorrow. 🙂

PS I have now worked out how to put links in my post using my IPad app and if I have done this correctly there should be one for Sandra and one for The Flossbox.



1. claire93 - April 4, 2011

I reckon you need glasses Sheila – Sandra’s right you know, it’s definitely a dragon lol and I can’t see a skateboard anywhere ^^
You’re going great guns with your Masquerade – looks like you need to get the frame ordered because you’ll be needing it very soon.
I’m off to my comfy chair to do some stitching – something small tonight as I can’t quite get up the strength to from my B&R

2. claire93 - April 4, 2011

that was “frog” not “from”

3. totallythreadup - April 4, 2011

Gosh Claire that must have been the quickest comment ever. I am trying to blog on my iPad and am still working out how to add links to the post but not quite managed it so have put a link to The Floss Box at the end. If I can get it sorted I may even blog more regularly 😉

4. jane - April 4, 2011

Lol Sheila, I can see what you mean though! Masquerade is looking great, you will have a HD before you know it!

5. Blu - April 4, 2011

Wait, are you joking about the reindeer? Because that is most definitely a dragon. He is very cute, though.
And lovely progress on Masquerade.

6. claire93 - April 6, 2011

that’s me a speedy commentator lol
in fact, it just so happens, I was checking mail when I received notification of that post (since I’m signed up for that) and therefore responded immediately.
Can’t guarantee I’ll be as quick next time lol

7. Margaret - April 8, 2011

Dragon or reindeer, still very cute. Great stitching

8. Dani - April 9, 2011

LOL reindeer??? Okay, sure, its cute whatever it is (dragon).

Lovely WIP

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