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Two new SALs July 29, 2011

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It’s been almost two months since my last post – no surprise there – but I’m feeling quite embarrassed at the moment as after inviting other stitchers to join in with Jardin Prive Sampler Aux Chats SAL in June I haven’t posted any progress at all. (We were to post a pic on the last day of each month). Joining me in the SAL is Sandra, Maggie and Shio, a new visitor to my blog from Mexico. She is keen to meet other stitchers and I know she has already read some of your blogs so if you get a minute pop over to her blog and say hi. She is another cat lover and has loads of interesting things on her blog in particular a cute little kitten called Kattalino who has his own story to tell plus she is the only one who actually posted her first month’s progress !!

As Sampler Aux Chats was the only stitching I was working on I really got a bit carried away last month and at one point I thought I might finish before the first post was due but things have gone quite on the stitching front yet again and I’ve hardly picked it up at all this month. One thing I noticed was that there was an error on the chart –the letter G was missing from the alphabet to the right of the cat sliding down the chart. Nathalie (Jardin Prive) has now made a correction and mentioned in her newsletter that I was the first to spot the error. Rather than backtrack here is a pic of my progress for June and July. I am using 32 count white Belfast linen and DMC number 815 and it looks quite striking.

A close up

Anyone want to take bets on whether I will post on time next month 😉

To any Lizzie Kate fans reading Shio has also organised a SAL #149 Autumn Alphabet and I am joining her along with four other stitchers. The SAL is in 6 parts and started the 15 July with the first post on the 30 July and then progress posts every 15 days. It’s a quick and easy stitch so if you want to join in please do – the more the merrier. You can either contact Shio or leave a comment here.

I am stitching this using DMC threads and using 32 count cashel linen – it was left over from my Cirque des Triangles and I’m not sure of the colour but it works well with the threads.



1. shio - July 29, 2011

OMG, I can finally see your first progress SAL Aux chats – whit the corrected scheme (letter G), I loved the thread color you have chosen =^.^=

About Autumn Alphabet firts progress looks with the color of the line looks so nice effect 😀

I feelt free to take photo of your progress and have published along with the other girls on my blog 😛

Of course if someone else wants to join whit us, can leave comment on my blog, the design is easy and we can achieve

cya! ….. in hopefully, less than 2 months hahaha

2. maggie - August 2, 2011

Hi Sheila, your sampler is coming along great 🙂
Sorry i didn’t post any progress photos either! we went on holiday and then things got a bit hectic around here. I am posting on my blog tonight though.

Speak soon

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