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Autumn Alphabet SAL August 30, 2011

Posted by totallythreadup in Uncategorized.

Even though I finished stitching part 2 of this lovely sampler yet again I didn’t get around to posting my progress and it’s now time to show part 3. So….to make sure I keep on track here are all my progress pics

Here is part 2


The fourth part will be shown in two weeks time and it won’t be long before we will doing a Happy Dance. I’m enjoying this stitch so much I may consider stitching the Spring and Summer samplers.

Sampler aux Chats SAL progress is due to be shown on the last day of this month and there is section I want to finish before I take my pic although I’m not sure if I can stitch at the moment as I have picked up a very nasty virus and even though I am feeling more human today I’m still feeling slightly giddy so I’ll see how I get on.



1. claire93 - August 30, 2011

well done Sheila – a gorgeous, quirky design which looks really fun to stitch

2. shio - August 31, 2011

nice work!
soon I will post my progress on my blog

about the nasty virus I hope you better:)

“even though I am feeling more human today”<<< you are so funny XD

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