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Sew….here I am again February 23, 2011

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After finally finding my stitching mojo I have been plodding along with my projects and am now back stiitching with a vengeance. I had fully intended to start blogging regulary in 2011 but this plan went haywire due to lack of Internet connection. This has now been remedied (fingers crossed) by changing ISP providers so at least my post has a lot to show.

My first Happy Dance is Lale a free design by Pelin Tezer which was a SAL with Sandra. It was my first time stitching on black fabric and although I like the end result I struggled to stitch this so if I use black fabric again it will be for something minute. Not a very good pic – it looks much nicer.

Stitched on 32 count black Belfast linen using Weeks Dye Works shade Whiskey

Next is a huge Happy Dance with my bramble and the rose. This was started on 1st March last year as a SAL which seemed to have slowly fizzled out – has anyone else who joined the Sal finished? I was determined to get this finished before starting something new and having chosen Ink Circles Masquerade as my next design I went all out to complete it before my chart and threads arrived. Last week I had a few days off work thanks to a heavy cold and bad chest and did nothing but stitch for a whole day. Here is my finish

A close up

Stitched on 28 count linen using Threadworx Blackforest 1084

Unknown to me Sandra had already purchased Masquerde and we have decided to have another SAL on Sunday evenings. I was too impatient to wait for fabric to arrive so I am using 28 count Silver Lining hand dyed linen by Polstitches. Here is my first Sunday evening progress pic

I’m also hoping to buy the frame which is shown on the chart as I think it goes perfectly with this design and is quite unique. Blu has just finished stitching Masquerade – take a quick look at her finish.

In January I joined a great new forum called Needlecraft Haven – it is a really friendly place with many varied topics – there’s something for everyone – I’ve already gained a lot by being a member. I participated in the January Challenge which was to stitch and finish a design called Petit Chat by Tra La La. I used sparkly white fabric – 28 count and Threadworx navy blue (1025) replacing the single stitches with pearl beads. I think it’s really pretty. My finish was a small cushion as this is the only thing I can make but I’m hoping to learn more ways of finishing during 2011. Here are the pics of the front and back of my cushion

One of my WIPS HAED QS Red Witch has now become the largest of my projects. I’ve not worked on this in months but here are my before and after pics to show where I am at now.

This year I decided that I was going to stitch some smaller designs and am starting by making christmas ornaments. I have made a reindeer from the Prairie Schooler Snowy Nights chart, there are nine designs in total which I hope to finish the Prairie Schooler way.

I have stitched another christmas design but when I took the photo I realised I had missed out the french knots for the eyes and nose so I’ll post that within the next few days.

I think the reason I don’t post very often is because of the time it takes me to do it – I must get more organised. I’ll make my next post short and simple! I didn’t think I had done very much stitching but looking back I’ve done quite lot – I’m really surprised. As I’m stitching one thing I’m already planning what I’m going to do next – there are quite a few charts which I am about to order – that’s what happens when you read other peoples blogs – so much lovely stitching being done by everyone.


Here comes the Queen!!!! September 30, 2010

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At long last – Queen Lily.

Having not stitched in over four months I suddently felt the urge to pick up my needle again and out came Queen Lily as I wanted to get this finished by 9 October which is the anniversary of Lily going missing – it will be two years and she is still very much missed by all. I can’t believe that it only took me three weeks to finish but finally here she is 🙂

Started 9 April 2009 Completed 9 August 2010
Stitched on white 28 count Jobelan evenweave over 2

The photo really does not do her justice and I am absolutely thrilled with the finish.

To celebrate the return of my stitching mojo I immedialy bought another HAED design QS Red Witch and this is what it should look like….

QS Red Witch

and my September progres with Our Friends HAED SAL

And finally my Bramble and the Rose. Unfortunately I have some frogging to do on this – take a look at my post and everyone’s progress in this SAL on Ink Circle Stitchers blog

I hope it’s not another four months until my next blog but I’ve already lost this post,my links weren’t working, then my pics were all over the place. I forgot about tags – then when I did publish it was a previous save so I had to start again!!! Now I am exhausted lol

….and now two new starts March 2, 2010

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I think it will be quite a while before I’ll be doing another Happy Dance but at least I am able to have a few new starts to replace my finishes.

After seeing Karan’s Bramble and the Rose I was itching to stitch something on black fabric so after a chat with Sandra and not very much persuading she found a free pattern called Lale which we decided to do as a SAL on Wednesdays as a replacement for our Dragons. We didn’t want have a very big design and this is just perfect as it is only about 8″ x 7″. We are stitching this on 32 count Belfast linen ( I usuallly use 28 count so this in itself will be a challenge ) I am using Weeks Dye Works shade Whiskey but check out Sandra’s blog for her choice of thread. The download of the pattern is for the left hand side of the pattern but when I stitched the centre circle I didn’t realise when I reversed the pattern that you need to omit the first stitch so out came the frog! Sandra telephone me on Sunday as she had also made the same mistake! I know I won’t be able to stich on Wednesday so here is my first update pic. It didn’t look that good at first but I found the more I stitched the better it looked and touch wood – I’m finding stitching on black is not as hard as I thought although I think I would struggle on a larger design.

And the second new start is…ta ra the long awaited Bramble and the Rose SAL which I started on 1st March. I got all my little jobs done in the morning which meant I was able to stitch for a few hours in the afternoon and also during the evening so I’ve made a great start. Pop over to the Ink Circle Stitches blog where update posts are being made by everyone joining in the SAL.

It’s a lovely sunny day here so I’m going to try and make the most of it and work on my very neglected Queen Lily.