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Life August 28, 2011

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I am sitting at my computer downloading pics of my stitching in preparation of an attempt at making a post or two. The television is on and I listen to the announcement that another twelve lives have been tragically lost as Hurricane Irene reaches New York. I glance out of my window and see a full vibrant rainbow over the Church.

Only hours earlier I had been moaning about the fact it has been raining most of the day……now I am thinking how lucky I am and my thoughts are with those who have to suffer this tragedy.


Cedric and some new stash January 25, 2010

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Last Tuesday I paid a visit to The Nimble Thimble Nr Oswetry, Shropshire for a look around and managed, as you do, to buy a few bits and pieces whilst I was there. Because of the recent bad weather it was the first day the shop had opened and there was still some snow on the ground where they are situated so I was lucky that I hadn’t gone there the week before as I had originally intended. As well as having a good selection of all things cross stitch they make and frame pictures. I have taken a few pics of my purchases but unfortunately they have not come out very well and the colours are much nicer in real life. The fabrics have been placed on some white sparkly fabric which I bought and am possibly going to use for my next QS HAED design once I have finished Queen Lily although I still haven’t picked her up this year.

They fabrics are all linen but I am going to have to ring the shop to find out the exact type as I forgot to make a note. Amongst other things I bought myself a really jazzy pair of reading glasses to see if I can stitch and still keep in my contact lenses. I also bought yet another scissors – I seem to be collecting these 🙂

The blue offcut is 28 ct Wichelt linen in Monet Blue and is a lovely colour. The threads are Needle Necessities 116 (now Threadworx 1025 navy blue)

The next piece is 32 count lilac and the threads are Needle Necessities 195 (Threadworx grape shades 1158) and Weeks Dye Works 1311 Taffetta. This is the fabric and threads I am thinking of using for my Bramble and the Rose SAL which we are starting on 1st March. Take a look at Ink Circles Stitchers if you are interested in joining in.

My next piece of fabric is what I think is a lovely shade of green and is 28 count but it has been really difficult to show. The threads, courtesy of Sandra, are Needle Necessities 151 (Threadworx Black Forest 1084). This is my other choice for Bramble and the Rose and even though these are the colours I originally had in mind I’m really undecided as I’m not a “green” person but I do like these colours. I think I will stitch a little of each just to see how they look and then make my decision, unless I find something else in the meantime. I’m planning a visit to Sandra’s Stash Shop in the next week or so so anything is possible lol. I’m also undecided as to whether to use one colour or whether to stitch the flowers in a different shade.


I bought Weeks Dye Works thread 2219 whiskey which I have shown in an odd piece of black fabric as I will be starting a small SAL with Sandra using these colours. We’ve yet to pick out a design but this combination looks absolutely stunning when stitched up – take a look here – it’s gorgeous.

And finally some stitching! Here is my update of “Cedric” which I took last week but I managed to get some stitching in over the weekend and have totally finished the white dragon. I hope to finish the flowers and maybe get some back stitching in later this evening. There’s only 5 weeks left to our deadline so I have to concentrate on this piece all next week. After speaking to Sandra today I think we are more or less at the same stage.

And lastly my CDT – not much to do on this and I can’t wait to finish it.

Alfie didn’t manage to get his head in this pic – here he is fast asleep on my bed and still as dirty as ever.

I get him cleaned up but he just keeps coming back covered in ash. Boys will be boys !!!!

My gorgeous cat! January 15, 2010

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I know I’ve posted a pic of my gorgeous, huge, brilliant white fluffy cat called Alfie before but here’s a reminder of just how lovely he is.

And this is how the little devil looked when he came home the other evening just past midnight!!!

Hanging his head in shame……..

… okay – if I look away you won’t see me….

…..don’t even think about putting me in the bath!

I just couldn’t help laughing at him – he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I have absolutely no idea where he had been, doesn’t he realise Christmas is over and he won’t find Santa up the chimney. After getting him sort of cleaned up and just a bit grey looking last night he came back covered again, not quite as bad but this time his head was dirty whereas last time his head was perfectly white!

I have actually done quite a bit of stitching this year and will post my pics in the next few days.

Cats, cats and even more cats May 5, 2009

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Other than working on Queen Lily I have done very little stitching this week but I have been reading lots of blogs and ordering a few things 🙂

I came across a blog featuring the designs of Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin and one of her books Chats au Point De Croix – yes more cats – and that was it, I had to have it. Having searched the internet the only place I found it was at Amazon – fine no problem BUT it was the French site 😦 Nevertheless I managed to create an account, sort of skip through their emails to me and eventually placed an order not knowing if the book would ever be delivered but Saturday morning Voila! I was more than a little pleased with myself when it arrived. I have spent hours studying the lovely designs (plus a bit of translating in between with the help of Google). There are so many I want to do I think I will work my way through the book for my “quick stitch” days. Here are some I have found on a french blog which has been translated to English.

Another cat that caught my eye was on It’s Daffy Cat where I entered her giveaway draw for May – take a look. One of the winners was Julie. Congrats Julie.

This weekend I am going to visit my family as it is my mother’s 70th birthday and my father is organising a surprise party for her on Friday evening with another surprise meal arranged for Saturday so it should be a good weekend. On Monday me and Sandra are having our trip to Polstitches for some “therapeutic shopping”. I haven’t gone on my own as I know Sandra will be able to “persuade” me that there are so many things I couldn’t possibly live without 🙂 I hope to get some fabric and threads so I can start my Cirque des triangles. The fabric I ordered for Oriental Lady Red has also arrived so I will have at least two new starts this month.

There are so many great blogs out there I wish I had more time to read and leave comments on them. I keep forgetting to bookmark the blogs I want to go back to then can’t remember where I found them, working on two computers doesn’t help either!

One blog I read recently had a link to a blog named The Paramedic’s Diary which records the working life of a London Ambulance Paramedic which is really interesting and is well worth a look if you have time time.

Have a good week 🙂