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Stitching Progress for 2010 January 18, 2010

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As a result of Ian’s accident we had a very quiet Christmas and New Year as we were unable to do a great deal or go anywhere but it did mean that I have managed to get quite a bit of stitching done. I’m glad to say that Ian is now well on the mend and last week he actually managed to take one of the dogs for a short walk and he drove himself to physio today. He is trying his hardest to get himself back to normal and now that he is starting to recover from his injuries he is getting stronger and fitter every day. We will have to make the most of his time off work and get a few days out sorted. I’m already planning a trip to a shop called The Nimble Thimble Nr Oswestry which I’ve been told has a good selection of cross stitch goodies and also pay another visit to Jo at Polstitches buy some stash for my planned new starts. A time back home is also planned and hopefully we will be able to spend a few days there rather than a fleeting visit.

I have quite a lot of pics to show and I’ll start off with CDT.
I’m almost there on this one and once I pick it up again I’m going to go flat out for a finish.

As you can see Alfie managed to get his head in the pic (luckily this was before his little adventure ) – I think he’s checking for mistakes. Once this is finished I’m going to start The Bramble and the Rose as a SAL with Ink Circle Stitchers. I know a lot of people are interested in starting this design and it would be great if we could all start around the same time – say early March – and maybe post our progress on this blog. If you know of anyone wanting to join in please mention this in your blog as the more the merrier. I’m going to put a post on the Ink Circle blog so see if this will generate any more interest. My biggest problem is that I can’t decide on a fabric or thread. I’d love to stitch this as I think it is stunning but don’t think my eyesight will allow. I have a sample of black fabric so I may have a tryout to see how I get on.

My Wednesday SAL of Celtic Welcome with Sandra sort of came to a stop before Christmas but we have both restarted and are aiming for a finish on 1st March – St David’s Day. I am finding the white dragon ( Sandra has called her’s Gwyn but I am leaving mine unnamed) much quicker to stitch than my red dragon (Cedric). I took this pic last week and I’ve done quite a lot more since then which I will post next week. I think it is the back stitch which will take the time so I want to get the dragons completed ASAP to leave myself plenty of time to get this finished by the 1s March deadline.

Towards the end of 2009 I concentrated on Queen Lily and although I haven’t stitched on her yet this year I was really pleased with the progress I made. Once I pick this up again I will work on her for a few weeks at a time. Not a very good picture as it was taken at an angle but this is how she’s looking. I’ve already got my next HAED QS lined up.

And finally my restart of HAED Cats which I started on 1st January. I have changed my fabric to white 14 count cashel linen as I just couldn’t stitch on 25 count. This is the same fabric I am using for my CDT and it is lovely to work with although the size of my fabric is about 27″ x 40″ so it’s massive. I’m making good progress here and have completed 3000 stitches and picture is already starting to show albeit a tiny proportion of the chart – There are 99,900 stitches in total.


I will soon be a year since I started stitching so within the next few months I should be doing quite a few Happy Dances -this can only mean lots of new starts for 2010 and who knows – even regular updates on my blogs. Even though I haven’t made many comments on your blogs I do read them when I can and really appreciate the comments you leave for me, so thank you for your words of encouragement – I get quite excited that someone has taken the time to read and comment on my work.


These things happen June 29, 2009

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Yet another really busy week where I’ve done very little stitching. Apart from working for a few hours every day last week we have been spending the evenings making the most of the warm weather and building our little vegetable plot with Ian doing the hard work and me “supervising” 🙂 We finished this at the weekend and have a good selection of vegetables planted which we are hoping will all grow and we get something to eat from it.

I received a ticking off from Sandra for not blogging more often now I’ve got my new computer so Saturday morning I got out my camera to take a few pics of my progress. I’ve mostly been working on Cirque des Triangles and this is really coming along nicely and I’ve just started Page 2. Here’s an update and a close up pic giving a better look at the colours.



When I laid out the fabric to take the pic I took a quick look at the chart to see how many more triangles I had to do to complete the page and found there was just one more – so good news. Then …..frown….hmmm this doesn’t look quite right. I was immediately on the phone to Sandra – “guess what” I said to her. “Oh no” was her reply you’ve missed a stitch. Try again I say – “oh no” says she – you’re triangle is in the wrong place. Try again. There was silence as she guessed what I had done. STARTED MY FABRIC THE WRONG WAY AROUND!!!!!!! I laughed – or was I just hysterical 🙂 Load of people have done that she said trying to make me feel better. So…..EVERYTHING has to be unpicked and I’ve just learned a hard lesson but… even though Sandra offered to unpick it for me I’ve decided to do this myself and start again. It could have been much much worse. Having ordered more thread today from Polstitches Jo told me a few stories which had me cringing, one in particular when someone had spend 18 months stitching and finished a project and then somehow managed to tear the fabric! Then she started the project again – well done that woman – I would have flung it as far as I could!

Back to actual stitching – I’ve done a little on my HAED Cat with Our Friends HAED SAL and even though it doesn’t look a lot it is progress 🙂


From now on I will be blogging on my “unpicking” . I know this is not really that funny and I still don’t know how I managed to make such a stupid mistake – I am Welsh btw 😉 but I hope it gave you a bit of a laugh. Happy stitching !

HAED SAL April 16, 2009

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Here’s an update of my SAL with Our Friends HAED for last week. It doesn’t look a lot but there are over 700 stitches in that little block!


As the stitches are so small on this project I have to really concentrate and have peace and quiet to stitch so having recently finished a project I was working on I decided to make a new start on

QS White Cat – (Queen Lily)

This reminds me so much of my cat Lily who went missing in October last year that I have decided to stitch as a replacement for my finish – Winter Dog. I call it my “Queen Lily” project. It’s done on 28 count evenweave so is stitching up quite quickly and is really nice to stitch so I don’t think it will be too long before I add this to my finishes (here’s hoping). See my WIP for a pic of the actual design.


It’s Thursday and no work so I’m going to have a lazy afternoon on my HAED SALs.

Thanks to everyone leaving comments on my posts – I do read your blogs and will leave some comments soon – I’m so useless at blogging it takes me forever to do anythiing – so sorry in advance.

HAED SAL March 19, 2009

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At long last I am ready to actually join in with Our Friends’ HAED SAL. As I am going away for a long weekend this week I stitched a day early just to put a few stitches on the fabric so just a quick post for now to add a pic to show I have actually started! Having never done a HAED before or even used any fabric other than aida this is quite a major project for me. I have only recently discovered there are 99,900 stitches! I am stitching on 25 count evenweave and after a quick practice I have decided to use two strands of thread and just a half stitch as I found a full cross stitch looked too bulky.


Have a good weekend and make the most of this lovely weather