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Happy Dance – Masquerade June 4, 2011

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Started 20 February – Completed 31 May 2011
Stitched on 28 count hand dyed fabric
Polstitches Silver Lining
Using recommended Gentle Arts Sampler Threads

As every Happy Dance calls for a new start I will be doing another SAL with Sandra once she has finished her Masquerade. She is almost there but ran out of one colour thread due to the different count fabric being used. Neither of us can resist anything to do with cats and have decided to stitch Jardin Prive Sampler Aux Chats.

If you would like to join in please leave a comment on this post.


SALs and Queen Lily May 6, 2011

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A quick update on the two SALs I am doing, firstly Masquerade. As I went to Swansea for a family visit on Sunday I missed out on stitching so this is my progress as at 24 April. Still waiting to see Sandra’s progress!!! – BUT I did get to see her new craft room – absolutely stunning, the pictures don’t really do it justice – it really is fabulous and she already done some beautiful quilting which I am sure she will share with you soon

Even though I have been religiously stitching each Thursday on this SAL last week I didn’t get around to taking a pic so this is a combination of weeks three and four. I am using some old thread for the gray cat and he’s looking a little tabby!

And Queen Lily finally framed. I’ve used Ian’s camera to try and take a better pic but I must say it looks much better in real life but at least it is now hanging on the wall in a room I use during the daytime so it almost feels like Lily is back home

….and here is the real Lily – can you see the resemblance??

Whilst collecting Queen Lily from the Nimble Thimble I picked up a few charts which were on sale (I’ll post these another time). Ian thought this one looked very much like Lily’s brother Alfie so I am thinking of stitching this to go alongside Queen Lily. The only think that is putting me off is that there is a huge block of stitching in 310 on the right hand side – YUK!!!!

a href=”https://totallythreadup.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/xs-alfie.jpg”>

SALs April 19, 2011

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Yet again my attempt at weekly blogging has gone out the window as I have been making the most of the lovely weather we are having at the moment and taking the dogs to the beach in the evenings as often as possible. The weekend before last I even managed a trip to The Nimble Thimble to take Queen Lily to be framed. I am collecting her this weekend and can’t wait. Sandra is going to try and meet up somewhere if she can and we can have a good browse and persuade each other to buy a few “must haves” not that either of us will need a lot of persuading lol.

I had a lovely surprise when I arrived back from the beach that Saturday – a card from Claire. It was totally unexpected as she had already emailed me and blogged about the surprise parcel I had sent her. I think the cat is gorgeous – something I would have chosen myself and I am going to frame it once I find something suitable.

It also reminds me of another Jardin Prive design Catgirl & Catboy – Claire I read your blog so I know you have this one in your stash – maybe another SAL?

I have joined in a SAL with Claire which her friend Mamoures has organised. It’s a design by Jardin Prive called In the Night and rather than stitch on white fabric I am using Zweigart 32ct Belfast linen Wedgewood. This is a pic of week one, the next part of the SAL will be revealed to us on Friday.

I decided to stitch part of the tail with white thread rather than leave it unstitched which would give him a blue and black tail and am not sure whether I will leave this stand or unpick it.

The last two Sundays I have only managed a few hours in total on my Masquerade SAL with Sandra and here is my progress.

I hope Sandra is having more luck this week as she has done a lot of frogging on the piece which is a shame as it really is lovely to stitch. I had hoped to stitch a little more to bring the right hand side in line with the left but I ran out of time.

I worked earlier than usual today which means I have a few hours spare this afternoon to sit in the sun and finally work on my new start. As soon as Ian comes home from work we are off to the beach again so I doubt if I will get any stitching done this evening.

What do you see… April 4, 2011

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I had forgotten about this little HD if you can call it that. At the start if the year I decided I was going to stitch some smaller designs as I have had some large projects on the go since I’d started stitching again. Before I discovered my PS snowy night ornaments I bought a few designs from Flossbox Flossbox– they weren’t very expensive and they were available by download so I chose about half a dozen of them. There are a lot if freebies available and worth a browse. I was chatting to Sandra Sandra and telling her about my new projects and asked her to take a look at the first chart I was going to stitch – a reindeer on a skateboard. She sounded rather puzzled when she replied – it looks like a dragon to me? No I said – it’s a reindeer and his scarf is blowing in the wind and he’s on skateboard!


Ever felt a right wally?!?!?!?! I have a giggle every time I look at it lol

I only managed a few hours stitching on Masquerade (week 6) last night and as I was stitching I noticed I was well into the second skein of the onyx thread. I had bought the chart and fabric as a kit and two skeins should been sufficient to complete the project. Panic started to kick in as I knew I was definitely going to run out of thread so I checked the chart and realised the fabric used was 40 count and I am stitching on 28 count. I’ve ordered another two skeins and just hope I have sufficient of the other colours to do my Happy Dance. Here is last night’s progress.


No progress to show on my new start as I still haven’t managed to get any other stitching done…..maybe tomorrow. 🙂

PS I have now worked out how to put links in my post using my IPad app and if I have done this correctly there should be one for Sandra and one for The Flossbox.

Masquerade SAL and other things April 1, 2011

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As usual it has been weeks since I have posted and my pic of our Sunday SAL covers weeks 3,4 and 5 and this Sunday should see me starting page 2. Hopefully Sandra will be able to get back to her stitching now she has finished her work and we can get back to posting our progress weekly. It’s been hard to stitch on this just once a week as it is a joy to stitch – I must do something about ordering a frame. I have still not had Queen Lily framed and it’s such a shame to see my stitching tucked away in my stash cabinet.

I’ve also had a birthday within the last few weeks and received a lovely surprise from Claire which was one of her own design book marks stitched in my favorite colours – it really is very pretty. If anyone would like to make one pay a visit to her blog where she has several charts which she will generously share for us to stitch and enjoy.

And having a birthday means….treating yourself 🙂 As I have very few stitching projects on the go at the moment it was the perfect time to try some new designs and these are a few I have chosen

Little House Needleworks The North Wind and Winter Whites and
Country Cotage Needleworks – Snowflake Serenade.

(Sandra if you are reading this did you have any Lakeside Linen Vintage Tundra in your stash?)

and of course some fabric (28 count Lambswool Linen – Wichelt) and threads (Crescent Colours Hand Dyed Floss, Gentle Art Sampler threads and Weeks Dye Works) ……..

The Winter Whites chart was bought from Lisa .. she has some lovely things for sale/swap and it’s well worth a peek here.

I’ve just realised today is a new month – perfect for a new start. I’ve have done very little stitching over the last few weeks – I don’t know where the time goes. I am determined to get a few hours stitching done this evening, then I can put up another post!!

On the topic of new starts I have decided to join in a SAL In the Night” by Jardin Privé which Claire mentions in her blog – I can never resist a cat design.

It is being run by her stitching friend Mamoure and starts on the 15th April so there is plenty of time if anyone wants to join in. I have already purchased the chart – downloadable pdf format was the easiest method for me – and have my fabric and threads sorted.

Oh I almost forgot…I did have a very small HD – another one of my Prairie Schoolar Snowy Nights ornaments – this time the little snowman. I managed to buy some green felt locally and once I buy a few other bits and pieces will try my first attempt at finishing the PS way. I think he’s cute…

And that’s about it..but before I end I’d just like to say a big “merci” to Claire for her encouragement and also to remind those participating in the TUSAL – the New Moon is Sunday 3rd April – also Mothering Sunday.

Thank you for taking the time to visit – have a good weekend 🙂

Masquerade SAL Week 2 March 10, 2011

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I didn’t get as much stitching done this Sunday as I had intended as I was having difficulty concentrating due to a nagging headache and also Dancing on Ice was not the same without Vanilla Ice! I think I am stitching my design slightly differently to Sandra so it will be interesting to see her progress this week.

Masquerade SAL March 1, 2011

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If you have read Sandra’s blog you will know that she badly injured her right thumb on Friday so I am not sure if she was able to stitch on her Masquerade Sunday evening. It was really spooky that around the same time on Friday I was badly bitten on my left by a cat whilst at work !

I really am enjoying stitching this design and it’s growing so quickly I think there will be a Happy Dance before long.

A good evening stitching ruined by the fact Vanilla Ice was voted off Dancing on Ice !!!!

Sew….here I am again February 23, 2011

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After finally finding my stitching mojo I have been plodding along with my projects and am now back stiitching with a vengeance. I had fully intended to start blogging regulary in 2011 but this plan went haywire due to lack of Internet connection. This has now been remedied (fingers crossed) by changing ISP providers so at least my post has a lot to show.

My first Happy Dance is Lale a free design by Pelin Tezer which was a SAL with Sandra. It was my first time stitching on black fabric and although I like the end result I struggled to stitch this so if I use black fabric again it will be for something minute. Not a very good pic – it looks much nicer.

Stitched on 32 count black Belfast linen using Weeks Dye Works shade Whiskey

Next is a huge Happy Dance with my bramble and the rose. This was started on 1st March last year as a SAL which seemed to have slowly fizzled out – has anyone else who joined the Sal finished? I was determined to get this finished before starting something new and having chosen Ink Circles Masquerade as my next design I went all out to complete it before my chart and threads arrived. Last week I had a few days off work thanks to a heavy cold and bad chest and did nothing but stitch for a whole day. Here is my finish

A close up

Stitched on 28 count linen using Threadworx Blackforest 1084

Unknown to me Sandra had already purchased Masquerde and we have decided to have another SAL on Sunday evenings. I was too impatient to wait for fabric to arrive so I am using 28 count Silver Lining hand dyed linen by Polstitches. Here is my first Sunday evening progress pic

I’m also hoping to buy the frame which is shown on the chart as I think it goes perfectly with this design and is quite unique. Blu has just finished stitching Masquerade – take a quick look at her finish.

In January I joined a great new forum called Needlecraft Haven – it is a really friendly place with many varied topics – there’s something for everyone – I’ve already gained a lot by being a member. I participated in the January Challenge which was to stitch and finish a design called Petit Chat by Tra La La. I used sparkly white fabric – 28 count and Threadworx navy blue (1025) replacing the single stitches with pearl beads. I think it’s really pretty. My finish was a small cushion as this is the only thing I can make but I’m hoping to learn more ways of finishing during 2011. Here are the pics of the front and back of my cushion

One of my WIPS HAED QS Red Witch has now become the largest of my projects. I’ve not worked on this in months but here are my before and after pics to show where I am at now.

This year I decided that I was going to stitch some smaller designs and am starting by making christmas ornaments. I have made a reindeer from the Prairie Schooler Snowy Nights chart, there are nine designs in total which I hope to finish the Prairie Schooler way.

I have stitched another christmas design but when I took the photo I realised I had missed out the french knots for the eyes and nose so I’ll post that within the next few days.

I think the reason I don’t post very often is because of the time it takes me to do it – I must get more organised. I’ll make my next post short and simple! I didn’t think I had done very much stitching but looking back I’ve done quite lot – I’m really surprised. As I’m stitching one thing I’m already planning what I’m going to do next – there are quite a few charts which I am about to order – that’s what happens when you read other peoples blogs – so much lovely stitching being done by everyone.