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Happy Dance number 3!!! February 28, 2010

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I’m feeling very pleased with myself – I set myself a target of finishing this piece before the 1st March and managed to get it completed on Wednesday after picking it up again last weekend where it had been in it’s little box half completed.

Here are the before, after and close up pics:- (again pretty pathetic – I have never had the inglination for taking pics of any kind and absolutely detest having my own picture taken, maybe because they say the camera never lies!!!

Stitched on Polstitches hand dyed fabric Avalon 28 count Jobelan



Has it been that long? November 13, 2009

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I didn’t realise it had been so long since I’d posted but for a few weeks I did absolutely no stitching but now I’m on a roll again. I’ve half completed both CDT and Midnight Garden so rather than a “happy dance” I’m doing a “little hop” 🙂 Here are the pics.



Midnight Garden

Midnight garden

I hope to get one of these completed before the end of the year so I can start something new in 2010 so I’ll need to get my act together!

Unfortunately Cedric went into hiding in his cave but I managed to entice him out last week and worked on him for a few days. I know Sandra has not worked on her SAL with Gwyn and I was going to hold back my pic but she doesn’t mind me showing it. I’ll leave Cedric for a while and let Sandra catch up and then we can pick up our Wednesday stitching again.


Queen Lily is now “looking” at me – check out Our Friends HAED SAL for updates

QS white cat

On a non stitching front Alfie came home with blood on his front leg and at first I thought he had been hunting but it turned out he had a deep gash probably done by barbed wire. I managed to get him to the Vet in the afternoon and he was kept in overnight and had 3 stitches. He came home with his leg bandaged which he kept on for at least 24 hours, followed by a second dressing which was on for even less time and eventually ended up with a buster coller. He had to be kept in for 10 days and as he is used to the freedom of a cat flap and never has a litter tray this was an absolute nightmare! He spends a lot of time sleeping with the dogs and I’m sure he thinks he is part canine – here is a pic of him looking totally sorry for himself – he may be the first of a new breed of “fenine” called a Poodlecat!!


The end…till next time.

At last – a stitching update September 4, 2009

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Hurray – I’ve actually managed some stitching!!! Over the last two weeks I’ve found the time to sit down and stitch, probably something to with the weather being so awful and the nights getting darker so more time to relax in the evenings. I’ve made some progress with Midnight Garden and have now finished page one so this is actually starting to take shape. Page 2 is a full chart but pages 3 and 4 are only half a page so this is a fairly small project. Here is a pic:-

Midnight Garden Page 1

After my disaster with Cirque des Triangles once I pick this up I can’t put it down again and I’ve done the whole of page one and completed every triangle outline of the full chart and surprise suprise they all ended up where they should be so now I know I can pick this up at anytime and just complete a triangle or two or three depending on how much time I have. Here is what it looks like now :-

Page 1

CDT Page 1

…the full picture


Oriental Lady Red has been restarted but I’ve forgotten to take a pic so will post that next time.

I’ve even managed to work on “Queen Lily” – check out my update on Our Friends HAED SAL. I’m really going to go for gold on this one over the next few weeks.

In just over a weeks time myself and Sandra are off to Polstitches. It’s not just an excuse to go and spend loads of money on extra stash it’s something we just HAVE to do 😉 On our last visit we bought the chart Celtic Dragons

which we are going to do as a SAL and we’ve decided to start this in October. If anyone wants to join in let us know – I also have the chart for the word “croeso” to replace “welcome” which I am going to do. I need to buy fabric for this, possibly some threads, some new fabric for my HAED Cat restart, the Bramble and the Rose is on my do to list so I may as well have a look at some threads ^grin^. And I know Sandra has hardly any stash at all ^cough splutter^

A quick progress report June 6, 2009

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Having had too many distractions lately I’e not been able to sit down with my stitching but I’ve managed to do a little – here are some pics on the progress of Cirque des Triangles and Midnight Garden. Not sure if the colours show at their best but I hope you like them.


Midnight Garden

It’s been a while May 22, 2009

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So much has happened since my last blog that I don’t know where to start. I’m pretty hopeless at blogging I really deserve a good kick up the derrière que pensez vous 😉 hee hee.

I had a really good time when I went back home to spend time with my family and my mother was totally taken aback by her surprise party on the Friday evening. She knew something was up but not quite what but it all went well and we enjoyed a lovely meal. More food followed on Saturday evening – another surprise – where myself, Ian, Sandra and Phill took our parents to a posh Chinese restaurant. We had a bit of a banquet, all ate far too much and there was still loads left over – I could eat some right now! As they have only ever eaten takeaway Chinese food it gave them a chance to sample loads of different dishes and it was quite hilarious to see my Mum and Dad attempting to eat with chopsticks so good fun was had by all. Her third surprise of the weekend was a trip to Worcester to see my other sister and her children so all in all her 70th birthday was a memorable one.

Sandra also had a surprise when I gave her my first ever scissors fob I had made attached to a lovely pair of scissors. The cat design was obtained from xstitcherhappy . I tried to pick out the colours of the scissors and as this was mostly done by guess work I thought it came out quite well. There is a different design on each side of the fob –here are some pics.



When I visited Sandra and Phill I got to see her new craft room which Phill had made for her – it was fantastic and the fact that three of her cats were all cuddled up together sunning themselves was lovely to see. I wish I had had more time to spend there as I could have spent hours looking through all her stash – it was like being in a shop. I know she has been collecting for a few years and she literally has everything you could think of and so many lovely lovely threads. She had just had a few finishes back from the framers – you can see these on her blog. I also got to see some of her work hanging on the walls and a lot of her finished projects which had not been framed along with some UFO’s and her intended “new starts”. I think another trip will have to be sorted so I can have a really good look but I did leave there with a few more things – thank you Sandra 😉
On the Monday myself and Sandra finally got to go to Polstitches. We had arranged to meet up and it was a beautiful day and a very pleasurable drive. I am used to country roads but it was the first time for Sandra to venture to that part of Wales and she really enjoyed the scenery on the way. We spent quite a long time there and it was nice to met Jo who made us very welcome and helped me with my choice of fabric and thread for my designs. I managed to buy one or two things (cough splutter) – a couple of fabric grab bags, scissors, threads, more fabric – linen and hand-dyed, a daylight lamp, some new charts (I’ll post these next time) plus a few other bits and bobs. Now we have found our way there I’m sure we will be going again very soon. Sandra was drooling in the quilting shop attached to Polstitches and is almost on the verge of attempting quiltting – she promised to make me a project bag!

Monday evening I unpacked my goodies and sorted my fabric and threads ready to start stitching my new designs. This took quite a bit of time but very pleasing to see my stash grow. As it was such a lovely day here on Tuesday I sat out in the sun and started Papillon Creations Midnight Garden. I am using Polstitches hand-dyed 28 count Jobelan Avalon over two in monochrome and Carrie’s Creations hand-dyed floss Tropical Water I was going to use a dark purple colour but both Jo and Sandra thought the colour I picked was nicer and I am glad I took their advice. Here is what I have done on this new start.


The pic doesn’t really show the colours at their best so I will try and take a better one on my next update.

Another new start for me on Saturday was Ink Circles Cirque des Triangles using 28 count linen over two in monochrome and again Carrie’s Creations hand-dyed floss in Mojave Fire. I have actually stitched a lot more than is showing in the pic as one miscounted stitch had me unpicking the whole of the bottom half of the large triangle 😦

CDT - Week 1

I came across a blog called Ink Circles Stitchers and I have joined this today and will be posting my progress on here.

I have also kitted up Polstitches Celtic Dragon


which I will be doing as a SAL with Sandra but not quite sure when. Welsh is Ian’s first language and living in a mosly Welsh speaking town Jo has agreed to do me a chart to change the word “Welcome” to “Croeso” which was really kind of her.

I’m itching to start on an idea I have had to stitch the designs of Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin “Chats” but am waiting for some threads before I start this so watch this space.

I have already posted on Queen Lily and that about brings me up to date with my stitching.

I’m currently using a very old computer to blog which runs Windows 98 (yes it’s that old) and is pretty useless so this weekend I may have to treat myself to something a but more up to date and set myself up a little “office” where I can blog away . I feel really guilty that I don’t have time to read and leave comments on blogs that often but this machine is so slow and keeps crashing it is so frustrating!. I really do need a new computer – well that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it.

It’s a Bank Holiday here on Monday so I hope you have a good weekend and get plenty of time to stitch.

Here endeth my post 😉