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Here comes the Queen!!!! September 30, 2010

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At long last – Queen Lily.

Having not stitched in over four months I suddently felt the urge to pick up my needle again and out came Queen Lily as I wanted to get this finished by 9 October which is the anniversary of Lily going missing – it will be two years and she is still very much missed by all. I can’t believe that it only took me three weeks to finish but finally here she is 🙂

Started 9 April 2009 Completed 9 August 2010
Stitched on white 28 count Jobelan evenweave over 2

The photo really does not do her justice and I am absolutely thrilled with the finish.

To celebrate the return of my stitching mojo I immedialy bought another HAED design QS Red Witch and this is what it should look like….

QS Red Witch

and my September progres with Our Friends HAED SAL

And finally my Bramble and the Rose. Unfortunately I have some frogging to do on this – take a look at my post and everyone’s progress in this SAL on Ink Circle Stitchers blog

I hope it’s not another four months until my next blog but I’ve already lost this post,my links weren’t working, then my pics were all over the place. I forgot about tags – then when I did publish it was a previous save so I had to start again!!! Now I am exhausted lol


Stitching Progress for 2010 January 18, 2010

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As a result of Ian’s accident we had a very quiet Christmas and New Year as we were unable to do a great deal or go anywhere but it did mean that I have managed to get quite a bit of stitching done. I’m glad to say that Ian is now well on the mend and last week he actually managed to take one of the dogs for a short walk and he drove himself to physio today. He is trying his hardest to get himself back to normal and now that he is starting to recover from his injuries he is getting stronger and fitter every day. We will have to make the most of his time off work and get a few days out sorted. I’m already planning a trip to a shop called The Nimble Thimble Nr Oswestry which I’ve been told has a good selection of cross stitch goodies and also pay another visit to Jo at Polstitches buy some stash for my planned new starts. A time back home is also planned and hopefully we will be able to spend a few days there rather than a fleeting visit.

I have quite a lot of pics to show and I’ll start off with CDT.
I’m almost there on this one and once I pick it up again I’m going to go flat out for a finish.

As you can see Alfie managed to get his head in the pic (luckily this was before his little adventure ) – I think he’s checking for mistakes. Once this is finished I’m going to start The Bramble and the Rose as a SAL with Ink Circle Stitchers. I know a lot of people are interested in starting this design and it would be great if we could all start around the same time – say early March – and maybe post our progress on this blog. If you know of anyone wanting to join in please mention this in your blog as the more the merrier. I’m going to put a post on the Ink Circle blog so see if this will generate any more interest. My biggest problem is that I can’t decide on a fabric or thread. I’d love to stitch this as I think it is stunning but don’t think my eyesight will allow. I have a sample of black fabric so I may have a tryout to see how I get on.

My Wednesday SAL of Celtic Welcome with Sandra sort of came to a stop before Christmas but we have both restarted and are aiming for a finish on 1st March – St David’s Day. I am finding the white dragon ( Sandra has called her’s Gwyn but I am leaving mine unnamed) much quicker to stitch than my red dragon (Cedric). I took this pic last week and I’ve done quite a lot more since then which I will post next week. I think it is the back stitch which will take the time so I want to get the dragons completed ASAP to leave myself plenty of time to get this finished by the 1s March deadline.

Towards the end of 2009 I concentrated on Queen Lily and although I haven’t stitched on her yet this year I was really pleased with the progress I made. Once I pick this up again I will work on her for a few weeks at a time. Not a very good picture as it was taken at an angle but this is how she’s looking. I’ve already got my next HAED QS lined up.

And finally my restart of HAED Cats which I started on 1st January. I have changed my fabric to white 14 count cashel linen as I just couldn’t stitch on 25 count. This is the same fabric I am using for my CDT and it is lovely to work with although the size of my fabric is about 27″ x 40″ so it’s massive. I’m making good progress here and have completed 3000 stitches and picture is already starting to show albeit a tiny proportion of the chart – There are 99,900 stitches in total.


I will soon be a year since I started stitching so within the next few months I should be doing quite a few Happy Dances -this can only mean lots of new starts for 2010 and who knows – even regular updates on my blogs. Even though I haven’t made many comments on your blogs I do read them when I can and really appreciate the comments you leave for me, so thank you for your words of encouragement – I get quite excited that someone has taken the time to read and comment on my work.

Almost the end of another year! December 26, 2009

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As we come to the end of 2009 I thought I’d better get one last post in before it’s too late. I’m full of good intentions but I find the weeks just roll by and I’ve missed yet another week – especially with my SAL postings.

I have been managing to get some stitching done and have concentrating my Queen Lily as I really can’t wait to get this finished. I’m stitching at every opportunity I get and here is how it looks today.

Next year I promise to do much much better – I’m sure all I need is an i-phone 😉 Ian was going to get me one for Christmas but unfortunately just over two weeks ago he was hit by a car and suffered severe bruising and damage to his right thigh and base of his back. He was directing traffic and saw a car in the distance. He looked in the opposite direction to see if the road was clear and as he turned back he heard the sound of the car braking and next thing he saw was the windscreen. All he remembers is lying on the ground screaming in pain but has since been told that he was hit by the car, went over the bonnet and was thrown into the air and landed about 8ft away from where he was standing. Luckily he had stepped forward into the middle of the road to check on any oncoming traffic and if he hadn’t had done this he has been told that he would have lost both his legs or even worse his life.The driver of the car ended up being embedded into the back of a HGV lorry, wrote of his car and got out without a scratch!

At the moment Ian can hobble around the house using a walking stick but is in a lot of pain especially during the night. He is not used to sitting down doing nothing but at the moment has no choice. He can’t even manage to get into a car so this year all our Christmas plans have been cancelled and I think it will be quite a while before he is up and about and able to go back to work.

I hope you all had a wonderfuly Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year for 2010.

Has it been that long? November 13, 2009

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I didn’t realise it had been so long since I’d posted but for a few weeks I did absolutely no stitching but now I’m on a roll again. I’ve half completed both CDT and Midnight Garden so rather than a “happy dance” I’m doing a “little hop” 🙂 Here are the pics.



Midnight Garden

Midnight garden

I hope to get one of these completed before the end of the year so I can start something new in 2010 so I’ll need to get my act together!

Unfortunately Cedric went into hiding in his cave but I managed to entice him out last week and worked on him for a few days. I know Sandra has not worked on her SAL with Gwyn and I was going to hold back my pic but she doesn’t mind me showing it. I’ll leave Cedric for a while and let Sandra catch up and then we can pick up our Wednesday stitching again.


Queen Lily is now “looking” at me – check out Our Friends HAED SAL for updates

QS white cat

On a non stitching front Alfie came home with blood on his front leg and at first I thought he had been hunting but it turned out he had a deep gash probably done by barbed wire. I managed to get him to the Vet in the afternoon and he was kept in overnight and had 3 stitches. He came home with his leg bandaged which he kept on for at least 24 hours, followed by a second dressing which was on for even less time and eventually ended up with a buster coller. He had to be kept in for 10 days and as he is used to the freedom of a cat flap and never has a litter tray this was an absolute nightmare! He spends a lot of time sleeping with the dogs and I’m sure he thinks he is part canine – here is a pic of him looking totally sorry for himself – he may be the first of a new breed of “fenine” called a Poodlecat!!


The end…till next time.

Cedric October 2, 2009

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Not a lot of progress on Cedric but now I’ve started to use a few more colours I think he’s looking fab but if I were you I’d place your bets on Gwyn!!! The backstitching has made such a difference. I’m rubbish at back stitching and think I’ll have to get some tips to make sure I do Cedric justice. Here’s how he looks after Wednesdays SAL with Sandra – who by the way is having a great giveway – go check it out.


I also set myself a target with Queen Lily and have now completed about a third of the chart. Here she is


Next week it will be a year since the original Lily went missing and today I managed to get a pic of her brother Alf sitting next to one of my ornaments ….if only I could have had him wash his face – that would have made a brilliant pic. Hope you like him


A new start!! September 20, 2009

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…which I hope will not turn out to be another ” re-start” 🙂

I had a lovely week away with Ian and the hounds and we were lucky to have good weather and managed to “chill out” which Ian really needed to do as he gets up really early and needed to rest up and relax. My parents came to visit for the day and my Mum and their dog stayed over and we took her back to Swansea and spent some time there. Unfortunately the only day of rain! I can’t resist showing this pic of the three dogs waiting hopefully for my mum to give them something – it’s amazing how well behaved they can be if they want something!

3 dogs

Back to stitching – I took three projects away with me but only managed to stitch on my Queen Lily. This is how it looked last week but since then I’ve done loads but you will have to wait until I’ve finished the page before I post the pic.


On Monday myself and Sandra went to Polstitches and I bought the fabric for my HAED Cats which I’m starting again in the New Year. I’ve chosen white 28 count cashel linen which is the same fabric I’m using for by CDT and it’s absolutely lovely to stitch on. I also bought Cirque des Circles – just because it was there:) I was going to pick some threads in readiness for Ink Circles The Bramble and the Rose but Jo has so much choice I couldn’t make up my mind so I’ll save that for another visit.

On our first visit to Polstitches with Sandra we bought a Polstitches design called Celtic Welcome which we decided to do as a SAL so I bought the fabric and we decided to start this on Wednesday. This is going to be quite fun as I am starting with the red dragaon and Sandra is doing the white dragaon. She has started from the top down and I have started from the centre upwards and she will be stitching the word “Welcome” and I am stitching the Welsh version “Croeso” so it will be interesting to see the two versions reach the same finish.

This is the chart


Sandra must stitch the way she types – FAST – so I will have to make sure I keep up. I was hoping she would post her pic first but she is probably way ahead of me already. I think I will have to have a word with Mia and get her to slow her down if she overtakes me too much !!!!! This is my progress for Wednesday, I promise to to better next week!


Last night I picked up my Midnight Garden and that’s exactly whre I am going now – the weather is too nice to sit indoors so I am going to sit outside and stitch.

Just one last thing …I couldn’t resist spending my HAED gift voucher on this – yep another cat!

At last – a stitching update September 4, 2009

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Hurray – I’ve actually managed some stitching!!! Over the last two weeks I’ve found the time to sit down and stitch, probably something to with the weather being so awful and the nights getting darker so more time to relax in the evenings. I’ve made some progress with Midnight Garden and have now finished page one so this is actually starting to take shape. Page 2 is a full chart but pages 3 and 4 are only half a page so this is a fairly small project. Here is a pic:-

Midnight Garden Page 1

After my disaster with Cirque des Triangles once I pick this up I can’t put it down again and I’ve done the whole of page one and completed every triangle outline of the full chart and surprise suprise they all ended up where they should be so now I know I can pick this up at anytime and just complete a triangle or two or three depending on how much time I have. Here is what it looks like now :-

Page 1

CDT Page 1

…the full picture


Oriental Lady Red has been restarted but I’ve forgotten to take a pic so will post that next time.

I’ve even managed to work on “Queen Lily” – check out my update on Our Friends HAED SAL. I’m really going to go for gold on this one over the next few weeks.

In just over a weeks time myself and Sandra are off to Polstitches. It’s not just an excuse to go and spend loads of money on extra stash it’s something we just HAVE to do 😉 On our last visit we bought the chart Celtic Dragons

which we are going to do as a SAL and we’ve decided to start this in October. If anyone wants to join in let us know – I also have the chart for the word “croeso” to replace “welcome” which I am going to do. I need to buy fabric for this, possibly some threads, some new fabric for my HAED Cat restart, the Bramble and the Rose is on my do to list so I may as well have a look at some threads ^grin^. And I know Sandra has hardly any stash at all ^cough splutter^

Queen Lily May 21, 2009

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I seem to have had hardly anytime for stitching lately and after making such good progress with this chart it felt as if I had come to a sudden stop but I am pleased to say I have finally completed page one 🙂

Here is a pic for you.

QL 246

This Thursday I hope to stitch on my other HAED which is Cats as I have not picked this up in weeks!

Well done to everyone who has finished their HAED project there is some lovely work being done by you all.

Queen Lily May 3, 2009

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Not very much progress this week as after deciding to concentrate on finishing page 1 I discovered I was missing a thread and was unsure of the correct thread to use. After an email to Michele at HAED and a very quick response I found I could either use a DMC pearlescent thread or a Kreinik #4. I had ordered the DMC thread online but then decided to order the Kreinik #4. I had to wait – impatiently for a few days – for them both to arrive so that I could compare them. As this thread is for the face of the cat I wanted to make sure I got it right and in the end I decided to use the Kreinik #4 which is a nicer colour and much easier to use as I only need one strand instead of 2 in DMC. Have I lost you yet? I was disappointed that I didn’t have time to finish the page but hopefully I should be able to post this next week.

I have also decided to stitch the facial features last so that the project “comes to life” at the last minute. I should be able to do this if I make sure I carefully grid the fabric and check there are no mistakes – any comments or help on this would be appreciated.
Here is my progress for this week.


When looking through the pictures I had on my old computer I’ve starting using again I came across this one of “Queen Lily” so thought I would share this with you. I just wish to little madam would come home.

Queen Lily April 28, 2009

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As I have been posting my progress on Our Friends HAED SAL I have forgotten to post on here so this is a pic of what I have done so far.


I’ve nearly finished the first page and can’t seem to put it down. I am unsure of the correct thread to use for her face so I have emailed Michelle at HAED and all being well hope to finish this page soon. My intention is to put is down for a week and work on my other HAED Cats but it’s going to be hard as I know once the face starts to show I will want to carry on. I think I should really leave the face until last …what do you think?